Training Opportunities
  Formidable Footprint offers a series of exercises for neighborhood, community and faith based organizations.  These are on-line exercises and were developed in accordance with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program protocols.  The objective of the exercise series is for CERT and Neighborhood Watch Programs, Neighborhood Associations, Community / Faith Based Organizations, Citizen Corps, Fire Corps and others to work as a team to become better prepared for the next disaster communities may face.

There is no charge for participation in any of the Formidable Footprint exercises.  You can participate as a group or go through the exercise individually, although group participation is encouraged.

For additional information or to register for up-coming exercises, visit

Also, do not forget the on-line Independent Study Program offered by FEMA.  There are some very interesting and valuable courses offered through this medium.  Basic courses from this site that are required for vetting (a higher level of possible response) are IS-100 Introduction to ICS, IS-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, IS-700 National Incident Management System Introduction and IS-800 National Response Framework, An Introduction.  In addition, IS-22 Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness , and IS-808 Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 Public Health and Medical Services is needed for MRC volunteers.

  Revised 01/11/2013